The wckCalendar Widget

Fredrik Lundh | September 2007

The wckCalendar module is a simple calendar widget for Tkinter and other WCK-compatible toolkits, based on Python’s standard calendar module.

(the buttons shown in this screenshot are not part of the widget itself)

Installation #

To use this widget, you need Tkinter and the Widget Construction Kit extension.

The widget itself is available from the sandbox:

The widget has been tested with Python 2.5 and WCK 1.1. The current release is mostly unstyled, and doesn’t support keyboard navigation. Contributions are welcome.

Usage #

Using the widget is easy; just create the widget, and either call getselection to get the selected date when needed, or register a command callback to keep track of changes.

import wckCalendar

root = Tkinter.Tk()

def echo():
    print calendar.getselection()

calendar = wckCalendar.Calendar(root, command=echo)


By default, the widget shows the current month and pre-selects the current day. To change the month, call setdate. To change the selection, call setselection. Both methods take a object.


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