GDI+ is Microsoft’s second generation drawing API for Windows.

It supports a PostScript/PDF like drawing model, including support for antialiasing and alpha layers.

For details, see the MSDN GDI+ documentation (dead link).

I’m using GDI+ in the MiniWCK project, among others.

Building GDI+ Applications with old compilers

November 25, 2003 | Fredrik Lundh

I recently found myself having to build a GDI+ application using stock VC 5.0 and VC 6.0 installations (updated with service packs, but using the original SDK files).

The following tweaks makes it possible to use the latest GdiPlus.h headers (from the Windows SDK) with the original Windows.h provided with the compilers:

#if _MSC_VER <= 1100
/* hacks for VC 5.0 */
#define MIDL_INTERFACE(x) struct
typedef unsigned int UINT32;
typedef unsigned int UINT_PTR;
#define STRICT

#if _MSC_VER <= 1200
/* hacks for VC 5.0 and VC 6.0 */
#if defined(_WIN64)
typedef unsigned __int64 ULONG_PTR;
typedef unsigned long ULONG_PTR;

#include "Windows.h"
#include "GdiPlus.h" /* from a recent Windows SDK */

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