The statvfs module

This module contains a number of constants and test functions that can be used with the optional os.statvfs function, which returns information about a file system.

Example: Using the statvfs module
# File:

import statvfs
import os

st = os.statvfs(".")

print "preferred block size", "=>", st[statvfs.F_BSIZE]
print "fundamental block size", "=>", st[statvfs.F_FRSIZE]
print "total blocks", "=>", st[statvfs.F_BLOCKS]
print "total free blocks", "=>", st[statvfs.F_BFREE]
print "available blocks", "=>", st[statvfs.F_BAVAIL]
print "total file nodes", "=>", st[statvfs.F_FILES]
print "total free nodes", "=>", st[statvfs.F_FFREE]
print "available nodes", "=>", st[statvfs.F_FAVAIL]
print "max file name length", "=>", st[statvfs.F_NAMEMAX]

preferred block size => 8192
fundamental block size => 1024
total blocks => 749443
total free blocks => 110442
available blocks => 35497
total file nodes => 92158
total free nodes => 68164
available nodes => 68164
max file name length => 255

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