The rotor module

(Optional). This module implements a simple encryption algorithm, based on the WWII Enigma engine. This algorithm isn’t exactly strong, and shouldn’t be used for any serious cryptography work.

Example: Using the rotor module
# File:

import rotor

SECRET_KEY = "spam"
MESSAGE = "the holy grail"

r = rotor.newrotor(SECRET_KEY)

encoded_message = r.encrypt(MESSAGE)
decoded_message = r.decrypt(encoded_message)

print "original:", repr(MESSAGE)
print "encoded message:", repr(encoded_message)
print "decoded message:", repr(decoded_message)

$ python
original: 'the holy grail'
encoded message: '\227\271\244\015\305sw\3340\337\252\237\340U'
decoded message: 'the holy grail'

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