The readline module

(Optional). This module activates input editing on Unix, using the GNU readline library (or a compatible library).

Once imported, this module provides improved command line editing, and also command history. It also enhances the input and raw_input functions.

Example: Using the readline module
# File:

import readline # activate readline editing

The module supports customized completion handling. The following example shows how to install a completion handler:

Example: Installing a custom completion handler
# File:

class Completer:
    def __init__(self, words):
        self.words = words
        self.prefix = None
    def complete(self, prefix, index):
        if prefix != self.prefix:
            # we have a new prefix!
            # find all words that start with this prefix
            self.matching_words = [
                w for w in self.words if w.startswith(prefix)
            self.prefix = prefix
            return self.matching_words[index]
        except IndexError:
            return None

import readline

# a set of more or less interesting words
words = "perl", "pyjamas", "python", "pythagoras"

completer = Completer(words)

readline.parse_and_bind("tab: complete")

# try it out!
while 1:
    print repr(raw_input(">>> "))

The rlcompleter provides more advanced completion for the Python interpreter command line.


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